lindy hop

Authentic Jazz Workshop with Pontus Persson & Markus Rosendal!

Pontus "Pontellini" Persson and Markus "McVoouty" Rosendal are teaming up again and are now presenting a Authentic Jazz workshop for your dancing pleasure!

The day will consist of 2 classes:
1.30pm - 2.45pm Beginners/Intermediate level
You might have tried a bit of jazz, or not, but are keen to learn and pick up some moves, this will be a fun express way to kickstart you on your journey!

2.45pm - 4pm Intermediate/Advanced level
You have attended some jazz classes or maybe even you are teaching some, this one is aiming for anyone that wants to sweat and get challenged on their journey to jazz-heaven!

Saturday 18th of March
1.30pm - 4pm

Osmani Centre
58 Underwood Rd,
London, E1 5AW

Simply fill in the form stating your name(s) and what you would like to register for. The form you will find here!

One class: £15 per person
Both classes: £25 per person

Christmas Offer!

From 9th of November until 14th of December you will get a copy of my own Compilation "Let´s Do The Hop" - great compilation of Jazz and R´n´B, when you book a private class.

This is not a personal offer, you could give away a private hour to someone you think would fancy it or use it yourself to grow as a dancer. 
In discussion prior to the class we can discuss and customize the class so that it suits your needs.

I can offer classes in following dances:
Lindy Hop
Boogie Woogie
St Louis Shag
Authentic Jazz

To find out more on what I´ve been doing in my career, have a look under "About".

To get in touch and book a private class just fill in the form here.

Hope to see you!
Best wishes


The time has come....for everyone that wants to learn Rhythm Tap in a fun and easy way.

We will go through some of the basic steps of tap-dance and then work on a routine that allows us to practise and repeat the steps many times, which is one key to get into tap.

No experience needed and no tap shoes needed.
Bring shoes with a hard sole but no tap shoes, we will hear the sound anyway and we need to work a bit harder to make it happen ;)

Registration is needed, register here.

Date: Saturday 16th of May
Time: 1-2.30pm
Price: 10GBP (to be paid at the day, cash is king)

The venue is: The Round Chapel Old School Rooms
Adress: Powerscroft Road, London E5 0PU
Warm welcome