Markus Rosendal is a professional dance teacher, performer and DJ.

His dance titles include twice winning 1st place at the Swedish Championships, runner up at the European Championships and 3rd at the World Championships.

Markus started dancing in 1998, and after 8 years building a successful career in his home country of Sweden, he began travelling around the globe teaching and performing, sharing his passion for swing. In 2015 he moved to London to look for old clothes, great records, and new students, after a few years running clubs and successfully organising and teaching in the Big Smoke he returned to Stockholm, where he now resides.

A well regarded specialist in dances from the 1920´s - 1950´s, Markus now teaches Lindy Hop, Boogie Woogie, Authentic Jazz, Tap, and Shag. As well as teaching adults, Markus has enjoyed working with the community, touring Sweden teaching children around the country about dance and dance culture.

Markus also works as an event organiser and DJ, and the swing scene he began in his home town of Ludvika, Sweden back in 2009 is thriving today, with regular workshops and wild parties in an old school swing style.